standard The Gibson Les Paul Standard

The Gibson Les Paul Standard is the supreme guitar. There has never been an instrument like it and I highly doubt that there ever will be. This icon of modern music has made its mark in history and it will never be replaced. If you really want to experience playing the ultimate guitar, then you should get your hand on the Gibson Les Paul Standard.

This brilliant guitar was a pioneering force in music back in its inception back in 1952. The Gibson Les Paul Standard was the first electric guitar made by this company that boasted a solid body. Once this instrument’s sounds hit the airwaves, music was changed forever.

Some argue that the Gibson Les Paul Standard guitar has had such a profound impact on the rock and roll scene that its sounds are still resonating in popular music of today. There is definitely a difference in the tones that emit out of the Les Paul than out of other instruments.

The tones that this instrument emits are thick and deep. The Gibson Les Paul Standard has a throaty voice that carries an emotive force that you can actually feel. There is nothing that compares to listening to a talented musician work with a Gibson Les Paul Standard. Other guitars just don’t match the sound.

Take your typical Fender Stratocaster. This guitar is wonderful and it offers great sounds for rock and roll music but there is a high, almost plucky undertone to the notes. That is, compared to the rich, deep tones that emit from the Gibson Les Paul Standard. There are certain songs that just don’t sound right when played on a Fender Stratocaster.

This makes me wonder where the difference lies. The Stratocaster is a solid body guitar, as is the Gibson Les Paul Standard but the tones are completely different. Anyone who has an ear can hear the disparity. I guess that you could even say that the Gibson is a little more masculine in tone.

Consider the Blues. You can play many blues songs on any number of different guitars. However, you are not going to get the emotive force that comes from the Gibson Les Paul Standard in another instrument. The heavy, bold sounds that emit from this guitar are beyond compare. Considering that Blues is the foundation for rock and roll, there is no better choice to play either than on the Gibson Les Paul Standard.